The Autism Society of North Carolina, FIND Outdoors and USDA Forest Service are so pleased to bring the Adventure Zone to life at the Cradle of Forestry!

The Adventure Zone is a collective of hands-on indoor and outdoor activities that were designed to help children and adults with autism become active in the outdoors and gain a better understanding about the natural world. The Adventure Zone activities were created to be exciting for everyone! The maps and schedules we’ve added are designed to make these fun activities accessible for people on the autism spectrum, but the Zone is open to anyone who is interested in experiencing fun in the great outdoors.

Families who wish to participate in the Adventure Zone will find the map station to the left of the front entrance. The indoor portion of the Adventure Zone focuses on a few Cradle favorites, such as the helicopter simulator and building station. The outdoor Zone focuses on nature-play and hands-on activities that will stimulate a sense of wonder for the outdoor world.

If you’d like to learn more about what our partner, Sylvia Van Meerten, is doing to help families affected by autism, please check out this incredible website:  You’ll find information, research, resources and success stories dealing with autism and what Sylvia is doing to help.

In order to see or print the specific activities available and to plan your upcoming adventure, please click on the picture below or inquire about a printed copy on your next visit to the Cradle!